Veterinary Diagnostic Services in Lebanon, NH

Diagnostic Services at Stoney Brook Veterinary Hospital

Digital Radiology

Stoney Brook Veterinary HospitalStoney Brook Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer advanced digital X-ray technology for our patients. X-rays are one of the most useful tests when it comes to diagnosing your pet. X-rays are used to identify the location and severity of fractures, spot symptoms of heart disease, identify foreign bodies in your pet's stomach, and much more.

Digital X-ray technology allows us to produce high-quality, high-resolution X-ray images more quickly than traditional film X-rays, leading to less time on the X-ray table (and less stress) for your pet. These images also can be emailed or saved to a disc, allowing for fast consultations with specialists, when necessary.

If your pet needs to be screened for hip or elbow dysplasia, radiographs can be sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for certification.

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Dental Radiology

Dogs and cats simply cannot tell us when their teeth are diseased, and some never show that they are in pain even though they are. In many cases, X-rays are the only way for your veterinarian to know your pet has a serious dental problem that can be treated, relieving discomfort. Dogs and cats need an oral examination under anesthesia whenever there are missing, discolored, or broken teeth; swollen and inflamed gums; oral growths; or bad breath. Dental X-rays allow your veterinarian to see the inside of your pet's teeth and those areas below the gum line that are hidden from view. Unlike humans, dogs and cats need to be under general anesthesia for dental X-rays. Anesthesia is considered to be a safe procedure and is tailored to the individual - your pet is continuously monitored during the dental exam and your veterinarian may perform pre-anesthetic blood tests to ensure that kidney and liver function are satisfactory prior to administering anesthetic. X-rays often result in opportunities to improve the quality of life and health of your pet.

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Ultrasound is an advanced imaging technique that uses sound waves to provide a real-time moving image of your pet's internal organs. This procedure is particularly useful for diagnosing abdominal and cardiac problems and can also be used to detect abdominal fluid, tumors, foreign bodies, and other illnesses. Stoney Brook Veterinary Hospital utilizes an ultrasound specialist for scheduled abdominal and cardiac ultrasound procedures. In the event of an emergency, the patient may need to travel to another facility to meet the specialist.

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